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Image in Brookings Oregon in 2005 before donating all my hair to the "Locks of Love" program for the fourth consecutive year.

Quailman is who the locals call Jeff Scheetz.

I was born in Ohio in 1954. My late Grandfather, Ray M.White, was an avid outdoorsman, early photographer, and member of the U.S. Congress. My late Father, Ned D. Scheetz, was an early helicopter bush pilot in Alaska, and flying for the U.S. Geological survey landed on almost every mountain top in the Western States. He took a camera with him from the Korean war to the thousands of flying hours in the U. S. compiling 1000's of photos.
Having the unique opportunity to learn photography and fly with my father to places most people have never been, and to see an enormous amount of wildlife and scenery at an early age, helped me develope my love for photography, nature, and the outdoors.
The son of a pilot I got the chance to go to school in 27 different states. Finally settling down in Alturas Ca. to finish high school at Modoc High, where for 4 years I was a photography student and assistant to teacher Richard Cartner, who helped me develope and fine tune my photography skills.

I currently live in Lassen County California. Photos are mostly captured around my home but also for areas in Modoc Co., Lassen Co., and Plumas Co., in the real Northern California, and from Washoe Co. Nevada.

I have developed this web site for photographers, artists, wildlife enthusiasts, and the general web browsers to enjoy.

I am now unable to work with some physical problems. I piddle around with inlay art, write music, stained glass, antler carving, and my garden in the summer time.

I enjoy commissioning my work for your projects but your time frame has to be flexible.
Thanks for taking the time and showing interest in my work, Jeff Scheetz

Email me Jeff Scheetz if you have a project that you are interested in me doing.

My wonderful wife Norma and I June 2006

Norma doing the photo thing..08

My recent studies....


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